2012 Craft Review

2012, the year I started weaving.

I started the year with a couple of weavette looms I got back in 2008. They’re still in a box, but now I have three additional looms — a new 19″ Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle loom I got in April, a used 25″ Rasmussen 4 shaft table loom I picked up in August, and an Ashford inklette loom that my mother gave me for Christmas.

2012 Craft FOs
2012 mosaic

For 2012, I completed 11 knitting projects, 1 cross-stitch, and 3 weaving projects. I have two other weaving projects that just need a little finishing — twisting fringe by hand is not the most fun thing ever, though I really love love love the scarf it’s attached to.

Only one adult-sized garment! Only two things for me — Skelf, a sweater I love and wear often and my Different Lines.

2013, what will you be?

I’d like to finish my Collins sweater this year.


And, you know, more weaving.

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  1. Silverilix on February 10th, 2013

    Looks like you had a very crafty year! Congrats!