Marin Tries Me

Earlier this year I ordered a skein of Bugga! from Cephalopod Yarns. I didn’t have any plans for it. Then Ysolda released a pattern, Marin, in a yarn whose makeup seemed to be exactly like that of Bugga! A perfect match.

Marin in Bugga

I personally had some issues with this project — I thought I misunderstood the pattern and ripped out a few inches only to reknit them. Then I ran out of yarn, with many inches left to knit. I ordered another skein of Bugga! knowing full well it wasn’t going to match, so I ripped back a few inches planning to alternate the two for a while. Sure enough, the skeins differ a fair amount.

Marin in Bugga
marin in Bugga!

It worked out, though. I don’t think it’s that noticeable. Bugga! held up great to all my ripping and reknitting and it really is a delight to knit with. I also really love this pattern. The finished project is maybe a little small — but I didn’t block it much, because I don’t like overblocked garter stitch. I would knit it again and I recommend the pattern — just be a bit careful on yarn amounts.

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  1. Dawn on September 25th, 2012

    The end result is fabulous. Glad you stuck with it and I hope you enjoy wearing it. Love that color!!