Speedy Tea Towels

There’s a rigid heddle weaving class on Craftsy that I find very helpful. I watch bits and pieces of it periodically and pick up new tips and tricks that I slowly add to my process.

One of the two projects in the class is for tea towels made in Sugar’n Cream cotton or some other worsted weight kitchen cotton. I decided I could always use more kitchen towels and made a set.

finished towels!
tea towels

Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton in soft ecru, mod blue, and hot green. 136 ends in an 8 dent heddle, 2.5yd warp. I got two towels out of it, the same size as our store-bought towels (just thicker).


I hemstitched both ends and then cut the fringe fairly short. I did not knot it, which may be a problem later on as these are washed frequently. I’m not too concerned.


They were a very quick weave, about a week total. They didn’t shrink as much as I expected. Weaving with cotton for the first time and weaving almost the entire width of my 19″ rigid heddle loom created some tension problems. I had some warp threads at the left edge become loose. I added some weight to them while weaving to help — I think it did.

We’re using the towels now. Handy!

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  1. Jennifer on September 23rd, 2012

    I love your towels – and especially the colorful stripes! I’m just learning how to weave, too. It seems like it’s popping up everywhere. Good luck with washing them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.