Birthday Lavanda

I try to knit my niece a garment every year. As she gets older and larger, I think I may have to adjust this, but I did accomplish knitting her a sweater for her 5th birthday this August.


Originally I planned to knit this sweater, Lavanda, with the hood and pockets (of course pockets!). As I knit the sweater, I felt it was very heavy. I (obviously) decided not to knit the hood in the end.

I found the pattern well-written, though perhaps a little verbose for someone like me who prefers just the skeleton of a pattern.

I ran into a problem with the yarn, MadelineTosh Vintage in Lepidoptera — the yarn I ordered at once did not match… at all. It wasn’t obvious as I wound and compared the hanks, but it was very obvious once I knit them next to one another (you can see it at the hem of the sweater). I did some alternating magic and it worked out in the end, but it was a little frustrating for a bit there!

I wish I had worked a faux seam in stockinette stitch on the sleeves, because I really hate how decreases look in reverse stockinette. Next time I swear I will remember!

secret surprise!

It’s a sweet sweater and I hope it passes the fickle kid test. I snuck a birthday present in a pocket of the sweater. Double fun!

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  1. Dawn on September 22nd, 2012

    I have to say that I adore, ADORE that color!! what a nice tradition you have started for her. I am sure no matter what you make for her she will always treasure it. I love the extra surprise in the pocket.