A Little Different

One of the things I’ve learned in the past couple of years is that while I wish I had the patience to knit a lacy shawl, I do much better with stripes (daybreak) or patterns (herbivore) that I can follow without looking at a chart non-stop.

I’ve had a bit of a lust affair with the Steam Age colorway from Madelinetosh. I finally picked up some steam age in TML and received some TML in Oceana for my birthday (thanks!) — I felt they coordinated well together. The bright Oceana is tempered by the Steam Age and the Steam Age is punched up by the Oceana.

Veera Välimäki’s Different Lines it is! [ravelry pattern; ravelry project]

different lines
different lines

Over a week’s worth of nasty upper respiratory infection and I managed to start and finish this project within the month. Shocking!

different lines
full shot

The shape of the shawl is interesting though it means it really wears more like a small scarf for me.

I used 85g of steam age (cc) and 65g of oceana (mc), US5 needles, and got 14 stripes out of it. The 14th steam age stripe took 20g, so I knew I couldn’t get another full stripe out of it, so I moved onto the final thick Oceana stripe.

It’s super squishy, was fun to knit, and TML is my current favorite yarn for shawls/scarves. Not sure I’ll be able to finish anything else anytime soon between summer yardwork and summer hockey season, so I’ll enjoy this one!

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