@&*!& Sleeve Island

here we are, on sleeve island
sleeve cuffs

For holidays my wonderful mom gave me Ysolda‘s Little Red in the City. I found myself drawn to Skelf [ravelry], a cute reverse stockinette stitch sweater with some fun detailing. Oddly, I hadn’t been particularly interested in it until I had the book.

I started the sweater in late December with some Rowan Calmer (peacock) in the stash and knit up the body of the sweater fairly quickly. But the sleeves! Oh, the sleeves. I started them in mid-February and I simply cannot get make any progress. I sit down to knit on them and watch some tv. After an hour or two I get up and they’re still the same size as when I sat down!

I’m stranded on sleeve island. Please send provisions. Or sleeve-knitting gnomes.

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  1. Sara on February 29th, 2012

    yeah that sleeves are the worst. i’ve even tried to get around it by knitting the sleeves first. it doesn’t work though–usually i just get hung up on something else later on.