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My brother is the type of person who is always hot, so while I worked through the family knitting sweaters for almost everyone else — he received a lame hat. But last year my brother mentioned that he would like a vest. A vest! A charcoal grey vest that he could wear to work with a dress shirt. How exciting! Yes, yes, I can knit you a vest! I’d love to!

dr g's for kev

I showed him Kirsten Kapur’s Dr. G’s Memory Vest [ravelry] and he approved it. I found yarn at Little Knits when E (Poking My Eyes Out) and I went there in person — Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in Dark Ash. I would not normally knit an all-over patterned vest in a single ply yarn, but I wanted the cabling to be a bit subdued in case my brother doesn’t actually like wearing IN YOUR FACE cabling. I’m actually very happy with how it worked out!

sort of full shot

I didn’t modify the pattern much. I did add some short rows just above the hem in the front to help keep it from riding up.


The only issue I had was that the pattern doesn’t explicitly specify how deep the v-neck should be (“after X repeats of center chart, start neck shaping…”). There is no schematic. I extrapolated using the pattern row gauge and calculated it, but it still seemed wrong or odd.

I ripped back the front to the beginning of the armpits once and reknit it, comparing the depth to schematics of other men’s v-neck vests. I measured the v-neck depth on some of my husband’s sweaters. The vest sat and sat for over a month waiting for me to make a decision. I finally asked my brother to measure one of his vests and let me know what the depth was (I had measured one of his vests to see what size I needed to make but neglected to take that measurement). It was 7″ — this vest was at 6.25″. I crossed my fingers, left the ends unwoven, and tossed the sweater in the wash.

After a wash, the fabric relaxed and bloomed (as I expected/hoped/planned for) and the v-neck depth grew and relaxed. I felt better. N offered to try it on and it fit him fine (though he and my brother are different sizes/heights, it was good for the neckline sanity check). My fingers are still crossed! Here’s hoping for a modeled shot when I give this to my brother later this month.

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  1. Rae on November 3rd, 2010

    I love the pattern especially the cables. I bet your brother is going to love it.

  2. Sara on November 4th, 2010

    it’s a beautiful vest! love the charcoal grey.

  3. Holly Jo on November 29th, 2010

    How did I miss this FO? LOVE it! This is such a beautiful vest and I think the charcoal is perfect for it. Great knitting. :)