FO: Noir

This year I decided I wanted to knit my grandparents something. Grandma is extra super stylish, always dressed in black and heels, but also quite the football and hockey fan. She is a total badass.

It was hard to come up with something that I thought she would like. Even if she doesn’t wear it, I wanted to make her something. I browsed Ravelry for ideas and eventually came up (with some assist) with Anne Hanson’s Spiraluscious (pattern page; Ravelry pattern page).

lacy cowl

I conferred with Mom on yarn fiber makeup and Mom said, “no silk.” That eliminated my original idea of using a silk-wool blend and left me thinking of soft, durable, superwash sock yarn. In black, of course.

E (Poking My Eyes Out), keeper of all yarns black, offered to give me back some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in black that I had given her in a destash a couple of years ago. I agreed, thinking that I really needed very little yarn for a lacy cowl like Spiraluscious.


I don’t knit black a lot (in stark contrast to E) and it seemed every! damn! time! I picked up the project, I messed something up. There was a lot of tinking and ripping and cursing for such a simple, small project. Fall in Seattle is dark, my house is extra super dark, and knitting in the evenings was just not working for me. I relegated the project to weekend days and eventually completed it.

I love the edging

Overall I’m fairly happy with the project. The Cherry Tree Hill — one of my favorite yarns for socks — knit up evenly, if a little rough. It softened with a wash. The pattern was well written and I enjoyed knitting on the lace edge. I would like to knit another one in a more cushy sportweight yarn. I’m not sure if Grandma will wear it, but I think she will appreciate it.

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  1. Marlena on October 31st, 2010

    I don’t knit a lot in black either, but there’s something about black lace that’s just so elegant! Beautiful little cowl.

  2. noricum on October 31st, 2010

    It looks like it would be great for keeping her stylish and warm while watching hockey. :)