Oh! what a tangled web we weave

I thought I was being smart by trying to split the remaining yarn from my lacy Baktus so that I could maximize the use of the yarn. Unfortunately I forgot to do so before I started knitting and then I created quite the mess trying to juggle the scarf in progress with the scale with the remaining yarn with the ball winder.


I am not entirely sure what the heck I was thinking/doing. I know this is do-able as I’ve done it before, but yeesh! Not yesterday.

After spending a while last night and during lunch today trying to disentangle this yarn from my ball winder (and getting increasingly frustrated), I gave up and cut it once. I tried to detach it from that end, still no luck, so I ended up cutting it on the other side as well. Sigh!

ah well

It will be fine! And hey, working with a smaller ball now makes me feel like I’m almost done!

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  1. Holly Jo on October 24th, 2010

    Here’s the way I look at it…weaving in ends; much faster than untangling yarn. ;)