Unfinished Objects

If one were to take a look at the projects I have started but not finished [my ravelry projects page], a handful of things would stick out.

First, I am not the speediest crafter in the world, so that vest I started a few weeks ago is only about 1/3 done.

Second, I quickly lose interest in projects and/or have immense interest in starting new stuff, so I start new projects before I’m done with existing ones (though I swear I try to limit this!).

Third, if a project needs a cast on or first row done, it will sit there waiting. I combat this by trying to make sure that I cast on and work the first few rows of the next piece of a project rather than just finishing a piece and planning to start the next section “next time.”

Fourth, if a project has lots of long purl back rows, it may never be completed. I purl SLOWLY. Very slowly. I know why, and I’ve tried lots of other purling methods but none of them really work for me. I periodically try different purling methods hoping I’ll convert, but so far no luck.

Finally, if a project has a problem that I can’t overlook and need to fix, if I do not fix it immediately, the project will sit around gathering dust (or, more likely, pet fur) until I sit down and spend the time to fix it.

black cardi, pre-fix

Such is the case with my buttercup and my black cardigan.

My goal for this month is to fix the black cardigan and buttercup. Not finish them, just fix them so that I can work on them. So far, I have fixed the black cardigan! Hooray!

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  1. Sara on August 5th, 2010

    i have some of the same issues you do. i like to refer to it as, “expressing creativity through variety” and not as, “inability to finish what i started.”