Onto the New

Once I finished a couple of projects, I felt like I should work on one of the two handknits I’m aiming to finish for December this year.

bowl & new project

This is the yarn (and a couple of rows of ribbing you can’t see) for Dr. G’s Memory Vest [ravelry]. I’m knitting it in Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in Dark Ash, a very nice charcoal grey. I picked it up at Little Knits.

The yarn is in a bowl, one of those fun yarn bowls with a notch on the side to thread your yarn end through. My mom picked it up for me at Maryland Sheep & Wool this year. I used to go to MD S&W with Mom and my Aunt Michelle and we always had a wonderful time! Since I moved back to Seattle I sadly haven’t been able to travel back to MD for the festival.

Mom bought this from a vendor from Dayton, MD, Greenbridge Pottery (they call these “yarn jars”). Thanks, Mom! I’ve always wanted one of these and never bought one. Now I have a gorgeous green one with a crackle glaze — my favorite!

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  1. noricum on July 21st, 2010

    That yarn looks scrumptious!!!

    I clicked through the pottery link… did you see the awesome mug with the pirate sheep on it?!? *love*!