It took a good 72 hours for it to dry here in Seattle, but my Snapdragon Tam [ravelry] finally did.


Because I started it in Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris where I was not supposed to carry knitting needles on the plane, it was mostly knit on double pointed bamboo needles. This actually caused a slight issue in the pattern when I had a yo at the beginning of the needle — it caused it to expand a bit more in the tail of the bud than it should have. My fault, which I chose to view as a design element.

fake pensive
not really pensive…

I really love the pattern and I love the yarn — it’s Madeline Tosh Tosh DK (formerly Tosh Worsted) in Warm Maize. I bought it at the wonderful Little Knits (visit the shop in person if you get a chance, everyone is super friendly). The yarn is really squishy and soft and I very, very much want some for a sweater (not happening anytime soon)!

top side
the top

I am always impressed with Ysolda’s patterns. They are cleverly designed and presented clearly. For example, this pattern has both written and charted instructions for the hat, but it also includes a chart that tells you how many stitches you should have on the rounds where the stitch count changes. I didn’t have to utilize that chart, but it would definitely be useful if I had set the hat down for a while and then returned to it.

straight side
straight side

I’m not sure who the tam is for. This color really only works for certain people. It will find an owner eventually.

My ravelry project notes are here.

flop side

And a couple of shots that I am sure the dogs will get me back for someday:

are you kidding me?
post-surgery Boris, being very good

The color works much better on Ginger.

much more ging's color
right before she used her left ‘hand’ to take it off

Well-written pattern, fun knit, great yarn.

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  1. kim on July 20th, 2010

    gosh, Boris is getting old! his face is all grey… aww. i remember him from your livejournal years ago. Also, the hat looks really good on you!

  2. Sara on July 21st, 2010

    aww, your dogs are so cute!

    i recently bought that pattern. it’s so clever and has really nice details. i love madtosh as well. the colors just glow.

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