Kit Kat Kittehpants!

I’m not very good at assembling stuffed animals. I always sew things in the wrong place and they are crooked or look weird. This amigurumi kitty was no different.

is that a tail or ...

It didn’t help that I’d run out of the pink yarn and for some reason decided white would be a good idea, with little bits of the pink like spots… What sort of crack-addled notion was that?!

In any case, I cut that tail off, re-crocheted a tail in the orange “shirt” color with a pink end and re-attached it at a much more reasonable tail position.

upside down!

This pattern makes a very squishy and snuggly stuffed cat. It was a fast crochet, too. It ate a fair amount of yarn.

computer geek kitteh
I’ve napped on some of these books, too

This is a gift for the almost-2-years-old daughter of a friend of mine who just had another little girl. I thought she might like to get something too.

cute cat

I think I might actually like to make one of these for myself!

well-read kit

Overall, a fun and quick project. Here’s my ravelry notes.

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