Euro Cardi

I am a layer-er. I like to wear layers on layers. Tees over tanks, cardigans over tees, sweatshirts over tanks, sweaters over tees. I especially like this when travelling — a few colorful underlayers (tees, tanks), a coordinating overlayer (cardigan, usually) and I feel and look more put together than if I were just wearing a t-shirt.

Because of this, I got it in my head that I needed to knit a short sleeve lacy cardigan for my trip to Europe last month. I ended up picking Shiri Mor’s design, #19 Eyelet Cardigan published in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 [ravelry].

all folded up

I pulled some Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Stone out of the stash and knit furiously, finishing it a couple of weeks before my flight left Seattle. Only thing was — I ended up deciding to not even take it with me. It took up a lot of space and I didn’t like how the stone color looked with one of the dresses I was taking.

So I had knit furiously for no real reason.

But I have a finished cardigan now!


The pattern was pretty simple, though I made a few changes. I did knit it in pieces, but rather than knitting the back in stockinette, I repeated the lace pattern and reversed the pattern halfway up the back to make it a little more interesting. This lead to some frogging because I managed to mess up the very center part in my mistaken calculations.

I knit the fronts and back, seamed them, and then knit the sleeves from the top down using short rows. This actually worked out quite well.

close up

The biggest problem is in fit — the lace stretches in width, which then shortens the sweater. So it’s a little big on me (at waist and hip), a little too short in length. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have added short rows to the bust, which would probably make this fit me a little better — the problem isn’t that it is too small in the bust, it’s that the front of the cardigan pulls up because of my bust and raises the ribbed waist up higher than I’d like. I still like it — it’s a nice weight and the pattern is nice — but it doesn’t look very good on me. I know better how to knit stuff that fits me well, so I am a little frustrated with myself about that.

Here’s my project notes on ravelry.

Still, it’s a nice, quick, wearable pattern (and published in Vogue Knitting, surprise!).

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  1. Dawn on July 18th, 2010

    Wow, that is fantastic!!! what an incredible garment. You did a great job and I love that yarn. Very natural and easy to wear.

  2. noricum on July 19th, 2010

    Probably a few more full rows between the ribbing and armhole shaping would have taken care of the shortening due to stretching. From the bits I can see, it looks nice. :)