Why why why

Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby
just to let me down and mess me around?

Before our vacation, I was looking for a simple stockinette project to take with me for the two 10+ hour plane flights. I started working on Buttercup (ravel me!) intending to get it to the point below the neckline where it’s just miles of stockinette.

I thought things were going great! I finally got to the point where I separated the sleeves two days before I was going to leave. I was so excited, the sweater was going to be ready for me to knitknitknit on it during my long flights. I might have a new summery sweater to wear at the end of it!

And then I saw it.

buttercup repairs
I need repairs

I had accidentally worked the feather and fan pattern in the front neckline incorrectly, forgetting the purl rows.

Drats drats drats.

After a few minutes of trying to talk myself into leaving it, I decided I had to fix it. Rather than rip back a few inches of the entire body (front, back and two sleeves), I just ripped out the 14 rows in the front panel between the sleeves.

buttercup repairs
repair me!

It’s rather a mess. I started trying to fix it the day before I left for Germany, thinking I could finish it and have it ready for the plane. I got frustrated after the first row which I could not even finish. Clearly delusional, I set it aside and flipped out looking for another project to take with me.

Now I’m back and ready to try to fix it again once I finish two gift projects. Wish me luck!

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