Rogueing Along and Along and Along

I realize that Rogue is a pattern that 9/10 of knitblogland has completed. I’m okay with the fact that I am still working on it. I took a long break from it, now I am completely back in love with the pattern and can’t wait to finish.

Last night this conversation took place (after the great Alex Ovechkin scored his 100th point this season!):

DH: How long have you been working on that? Are you going to finish soon?
me: Hey! I didn’t work on it for three whole months!
me: E finished hers quickly and I don’t think I knit slower than her.
DH: No, you guys are probably about the same speed… so, how many socks did you knit while she was working on her sweater?
[cue me laughing and laughing]
me: I’m almost to the armpit, then once I do the front back part, I just have the huge hood to make. So I might be done in … a month.

I did indeed get to the split last night. It felt like such an accomplishment! Once I slipped the live stitches for the front onto waste yarn, I pulled my Rogue tube top on to check fit and showed DH. Seems fine, quite a bit of ease, mostly due to my slightly loose gauge — fine with me, it’s supposed to fit me like a sweatshirt.

Rogue hanging out in my front yard

Later, DH and I were going to bed and he said (paraphrased), “Your sweater looks really cute. Even missing the shoulders and everything.”


I think he might just be buttering me up so I
start on his sweater soon. He really doesn’t have to worry — I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Kristina on July 13th, 2006

    I had to come take a look at your Rogue. I really do love the color, and I think I will use it for my daughter’s sweater. I like that it is girly without being pastel.