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Inkle Oops

During lunch on Monday I warped my inkle loom for a new trial project, letters on 5-block checks. warped, in more than one way After I warped it, I realized that I had accidentally left the tension flap swung in instead of out: oops I had decent sheds though so I thought it would be […]

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Itty Bitty Inkle

For holidays, my mom sent me an Ashford Inklette loom. It comes flat in a box and you have to do some very basic assembling. Sand the edges to smooth everything out and utilize some wood glue and a rubber mallet to insert the pegs into their holes, then screw the base in. Nothing major. […]

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2012 Craft Review

2012, the year I started weaving. I started the year with a couple of weavette looms I got back in 2008. They’re still in a box, but now I have three additional looms — a new 19″ Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle loom I got in April, a used 25″ Rasmussen 4 shaft table loom I […]

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