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A Sock, A Sock!

I finished an ancient mystery sock from last year. finished sock I had (minor, very minor) diagnostic surgery a week ago and while I thought my time off would be spent knitting and napping while loopy on painkillers, it was mostly spent reading and napping and browsing the internets for pretty pictures. After a few […]

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Not Such A Good Summer Knit

Every year I attempt to make (at least) two gifts for members of the family. In addition to this, I have been attempting to knit a sweater for each family member (that I think would wear one). Last year I made my brother a vest and my niece a pullover. This year I have decided […]

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FO: It’s a Wee Bit Garish

I finished another shawl-thing! herbivore It’s a Stephen West design, Herbivore (ravelry). I think I’ve discovered the trick to shawl finishing for me — easy patterns that I don’t need to refer to the pattern for. Mindless knitting and pretty yarn. it’s a good size I knit it a bit larger than the pattern specifies […]

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