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Travel Knit

I had a bit of a knitting mess before leaving for Europe. I was freaking out because I knew I had two 10+ hour flights to deal with, flights twice as long as my longest flight ever. I was concerned I would be going stir-crazy and a little insane without “enough knitting” to make it […]

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I’m back from a short but sweet trip to Munich and Paris — my first trip off of the continent. While wandering around Munchen on a Sunday morning, we came across Wolle Rödel (closed of course, it was Sunday!). cute window display The window display was cute and the shop looked nice. colorful cotton yarn […]

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Sneaky Assessment

So. Wooden dpns look sort of like pencils. sock yarn shelf As long as they’re not attached to knitting. I just need to pick something and be sneaky, sneaky.

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