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Almost Done and Almost Started

The past few weeks I have been feeling a great deal of computer-related burnout coupled with some guilt about the partially-completed crafty projects languishing in baskets and drawers. Given that I’m a programmer and well, paid to spend my days “making computers do stuff” — my daily routine at work couldn’t change much. But my […]

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FO: Tiered Denim Skirt

For my niece’s first birthday, I got it in my head that I wanted to knit her a skirt or jumper in denim yarn. Easy care, plus denim yarn is just SO cool (but really hurts my wrists to knit with)! I poked around ravelry for ideas and inspiration and came across an adult pattern […]

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Olympic Turtle

Hi, guys! My name is Sheldon! sheldon the turtle [flickr] I’m an Olympic swimming turtle! I love to swim freestyle. freestylin’ [flickr] I try the backstroke sometimes. backstrokin’ [flickr] I’m really only happy when I’m in the water, you see. mellow turtle [flickr] Quick Stats Pattern: Sheldon designed by Ruth Homrighaus, published at Knitty. [ravel […]

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