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I Am A Slack KALer

I have been absorbed in the holiday sweater all week. Mindless knitting in the round, very few purl stitches, and the body is working up fast (12″ now, almost time to split for the front and back). This means I have been ignoring my Trekking socks for Trek Along With Me and my lace projects […]

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Startitis Strikes

I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have 20 projects in progress at once. Last night I started some holiday knitting. knit picks main line in red velvet cake – thanks Bron!‘ So far, so good. It’s a bottom up raglan worked in the round (most of the way) with some … details. We’ll […]

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We Call This Alpha

Today I went to the fabric shop and bought some thick interfacing off of the bolt and picked up the appropriate size bobbins and needles for my machine. I got home, finished cleaning the house, washed some more fabric, and decided to put together my first Jordy Bag (craftster tutorial). the bag looks much worse […]

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We Have Come to an Understanding

Today, I woke up before 8. I never wake up before 8 on the weekend, and certainly never on Sunday (house cleaning day). Maybe it was because I was so sore from 6+ hours working on the front yard on Saturday. Whatever it was, after being awake for two hours and taking the dogs on […]

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