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FO: Aftur and the Cup

I finished this sweater back in November — I actually wore it on Thanksgiving! — but it never got an official writeup because I was too busy knitting the Mandelbrot Wave sweater for my sister K. DH and I ended up in Toronto for New Year’s Eve and I decided that a warm, wooly sweater […]

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Who’s A Tease?

I’ve finished Aftur, but it’s still drying: aftur yoke Fastest sweater knit ever. I LOVE it. DH wants an Icelandic sweater now, so I think he likes it too. I started another sweater in Cascade 220 and my handspun: a sleeve cuff I’m not sure how this is going to work out. It’s not for […]

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Sleeve Remedy

Despite the fact that I have a gorgeous Celtic Dreams sweater missing one and a half sleeves, I somehow managed to knit not one but TWO sleeves for a brand new sweater in TWO days. Aftur Sleeves I’ve been sick with a flu-like-thing for about a week now. I mostly feel lethargic and braindead, so […]

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