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Almost Done and Almost Started

The past few weeks I have been feeling a great deal of computer-related burnout coupled with some guilt about the partially-completed crafty projects languishing in baskets and drawers. Given that I’m a programmer and well, paid to spend my days “making computers do stuff” — my daily routine at work couldn’t change much. But my […]

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A Boring FO & A New Old Project

I am still working through the items-without-mates. I admit I am picking the low-hanging fruit first. An anklet?! blue anklets But a sock needing a mate is a sock needing a mate. And this is a new pair of socks for me to wear. Ta-da! regia anklets, nevermind my dusty hardwoods Quick stats – Yarn: […]

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Just Stuff

I finished a sweater on Sunday, but it needs buttons! The 90°F temperature we’ve been suffering in lately hasn’t helped motivate me to go on a button search at my LFS. I started another sweater (Celtic Dreams needs another sleeve and a half but I am not mentally up for cabling right now): Annie Modesitt’s […]

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