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FO: Mmm Mmm Manos Cardi

A couple of days of rainy, cold weather and my own cold pushed me to finish the buttonholes on this cardi. I really like how it came out, though due to the aforementioned weather, the photos are shoddy. cardi and coffee mm mm manos The stats : Pattern: I didn’t really follow a pattern, but […]

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Rogue Kells tall one, Manos cardigan After a long day (week!) at work followed by moving 2.5 cubic yards of mulch in an hour, I figure I deserve a tall cool one and some knitting time. Don’t you agree? Happy weekending!

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Life Consipires… A Teaser

Schedule, daylight, camera, and locale have all conspired against me this week. But here’s a teaser brought to you by manmade light (horrors!) and a spare 20 minutes in between taking care of the pets and heading out to SiL’s1 birthday dinner: that is my handspun! and a sock toe. whooo! manos top-down cardi, the […]

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