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The Sheep + Wool Report

This was my second trip to MD Sheep+Wool, my first being in 2005. In 2005 my goal was to try out some wheels so I could decide which one I wanted to buy. I love watching the spinning competitions with kids This year was a lot different for me — it was about having fun […]

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Out in Blogland

You have 30 minutes to donate (paypal link on the righthand side of page) to Rosie’s Place and win a pair of Colleen’s (Subway Knitter) famous CharlieCard Mittens (or one of two gorgeous shawl pins that were donated)! Do you have gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Dave (Cabin Cove)? If not, go buy some! Then join […]

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Enabling Since 1978

Sundara Yarns next 6 month Petals Collection is open for signups. I love the yarn everyone has been receiving this round! Scout’s Indie Swag Club will be open for signups tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th). This is a neat idea! I’m unfortunately not taking part in either, which makes more space for you!

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