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Frogging is Knitting is Frogging

My condolences to my mom: I had to frog my vest back again, I didn’t do enough decreases. Lots of knitting undone :-( Oh well, it’s a learning experience. She’s knitting Honeycomb (ravel it!) in some gorgeous brown Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (a light brown, not like my chocolate brown below). Knitting is a hobby […]

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A Purple Frog?

Ever since I pulled the premiere lace cardigan out of the in-progress box, I have had nagging doubts. The armscyes didn’t look right. The back looked too big. I really wanted to finish it for this spring, but I was scared that it would end up too big and I would never wear it. Last […]

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Don’t Fear the Frog

I always have a bit of a freakout when I finish the knitting (or crocheting or spinning) on a project. “What next?!” I think. My WiP list is pages long so it’s not as though I don’t have any options — I just freak out. This time, I decided to clean up my crafting area […]

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