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Log Cabin Pug

Boris is a lover of naps and snuggling up. He sleeps on top of Ginger, Claw, dog pillows, blankets, humans– anything soft he can curl up next to. napping boris [flickr] When I was packing and organizing everything for the big move, I discovered this log cabin blanket. It was supposed to be for the […]

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Somewhere In Between the Madness

This weekend and next week are/have been completely insane and action-packed. Somehow in the middle of everything I’ve found the time to: how serious she looks! Teach my youngest sister the knit stitch. She mentioned a few weeks ago that she was thinking about learning how to knit. We had a few minutes in between […]

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When MDK Attacks

When MDK attacks, sometimes you just have to give in. fuzzy poor lighting brought to you by overcast skies and the flooded DC area (including my basement) The best part? Stash yarn! Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Grey Heather, Aubergine, Blue Flannel, and Kiwi. The yarn was originally slated for the fulled messenger bag […]

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