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Out in Blogland

You have 30 minutes to donate (paypal link on the righthand side of page) to Rosie’s Place and win a pair of Colleen’s (Subway Knitter) famous CharlieCard Mittens (or one of two gorgeous shawl pins that were donated)! Do you have gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Dave (Cabin Cove)? If not, go buy some! Then join […]

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Major Knitter’s Charity Knit Notes

Back in March, I think I read it on Deb’s (ChappysMom — check out her completed Celtic Dreams) blog that Jennifer over at Major Knitter was looking for sock yarn scraps. Coincidentally, I had just pulled together mounds of scraps of sock yarn (which, in my short-sock-loving world are really whole balls of sock yarn) […]

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