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Just… Stuff

Hi, my name is jess and it’s been one week since my last post… stash enhancement Stories, left to right: You know how when someone brings a food item to your house and leaves the dish, you are not supposed to return the dish to them empty? I liken this yarn to that. See, when […]

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Fiddle Some More

Last night I caught the end of the Canucks-Ducks game and I suddenly felt compelled to start my Regia Canadian color Vancouver socks (click to see Carola’s version). Hey, Vancouver is one of my favorite cities and the ‘Nucks are one of my west coast teams. fiddley f’in’ cast on What’s this? Oh, my first […]

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We Love Gadgets

I am a gadget person. My household — we are a gadget household. I suspect this is why I didn’t get too much resistance when I bought my spinning wheel. I was reading Vera’s Crafty Blog this morning and she mentioned Knit Picks new interchangable needles. New needles? New… needles! I must try them! MUST! […]

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Efficiency in Knitting

I’ve mentioned before that part of the reason I started knitting more than crocheting was that I crochet really, really slowly. Why? Because while I make the stitches properly, I don’t just let the hook and my tension do all the work. I get my left hand involved. This is also why the tension of […]

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