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Frustration Resolution

When I am frustrated, I like to do two things. The first is work on something simple that shows progress quickly (see holiday sweater 1). The second thing I do is buy stuff. I have been so frustrated for the past week that I’ve bought shoes, fabric, yarn, a new omelette pan, books, and cds. […]

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Retail Therapy

Are you having a bad day? Did you find out at the last minute that you cannot go to something you have planned for a year? Did you accidentally break something at work and make certain people cranky? Are you stressed out from having to plan something at the last minute? Sure, go to that […]

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Reasons for Stashing

E (of PokingMyEyesOut) and I have had a few conversations about why we stash. Yarn, patterns, fiber, whatever. I have been thinking about it quite a bit recently. For me, it’s not (in most cases; rowanspun dk being one exception!) that I feel like the fiber is going to disappear or that I think I […]

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