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Finished in 2011

I finished a bit more in 2011 than I expected, even if at least one of these items is going to be ripped back partially and reknit. 1. fake smile, 2. tomten, 3. buttercup, 4. new hat design, 5. back view, 6. herbivore, 7. lacy baktus, 8. placeholder, knit a shrug for niece but no […]

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Why Do You Build Me Up?

Back in February, I finally finished my buttercup top [ravelry pattern page; my ravelry project]. buttercup I haven’t posted about it because I am way behind (and this one makes me sort of sad) but here’s the quick notes. * it’s too wide. I needed to knit it at least one or two sizes down […]

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I’ve met my goal of fixing Buttercup [ravelry] in August — hooray! all fixed It’s still a little wonky from redoing the entire feather & fan portion that I frogged, but it should even out with a wash (along with my rowing out there, ha). I actually wasn’t sure I was going to get it […]

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