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Niseag Spied!

One of my cousins is having her first baby real soon now. I used to babysit this cousin, so I’m a little verklempt (also: old!). I decided to knit a stuffed little guy for the baby and thought it was a good time to pull out my copy of Hansi Singh’s Amigurumi Knits! book. I […]

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The Un-Blogger Catches Up

Whoops. Well, I’d like to document a few things so I’m going to do some project catchup the next few days. Mere days after I told E at Poking My Eyes Out that I really needed to knit something for myself, DH requested a Kraken. Kraken Arms, half of Yeah, well. I’ll knit for myself […]

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Kit Kat Kittehpants!

I’m not very good at assembling stuffed animals. I always sew things in the wrong place and they are crooked or look weird. This amigurumi kitty was no different. whoops! It didn’t help that I’d run out of the pink yarn and for some reason decided white would be a good idea, with little bits […]

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