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A Lot of Little Things

Tonight, I plan to catch up on last week’s shows on the TiVo tonight and cast on the fronts for the Sienna Cardigan. I’m still hoping to finish the fronts by next week sometime. However, I secretly want to work on a sock and start a beret (for me; from the Winter IK) in some […]

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Grr Bloglines

Every other rss aggregator picked up the last post. But not bloglines! This is an attempt to force it. sigh. Please excuse this content-less post.

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I’m a Travelling Knitter

The Yarn Harlot herself recently posted a fantastic letter to the TSA about travelling knitters. It resonated with me (and with many of us, I’m sure!). Last night while I was preparing for our trip, picking knitting projects was part of the preparation. I initially had six projects selected. They ran the gamut from laceweight […]

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New Feeds and Such

I’ve moved the new WordPress site over to replace the old site. The biggest problem right now is that I’m having some issues adjusting it so that the new site feed can be read at the old site feed locations. Bloglines/other aggregators aren’t happy about it. I’m working on it. If you did make it […]

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