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I tend to wear and use most of my handmade items. Some more than others, of course. I haven’t been wearing handknit socks much at all since we moved back to Seattle but I have been wearing scarves and hats a lot more frequently. I’m also working on wearing layers. I’m not sure about short-sleeves […]

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I Wear Things I Make

A cameraphone pic, but that’s all the proof I have: green gable — flickr Green/Blue Gable, at work on Monday with a printed linen skirt from JJill. The only problem with this sweater is that the neckline turned out very wide — I have to wear a tank top under it which feels very 80s […]

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Dear Cotton,

I used to like you quite a bit. You’re resilient and smooth. My stitches show up great in you. But lately, we’re just not getting along. blue green gable I am 21 rows of a sleeve and a crocheted edge from complete on this sweater, Cotton. It’s made of a blend of you. And yet […]

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